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“My Singers Abroad ‘holiday’ was a wonderful experience.  To meet a varied bunch of singers, from diverse places and backgrounds, and then perform a marvellous concert, all within one week, is a memory to be treasured”

Richard, Canada


“A stunning week of superb musical direction, wonderful singing, a wide range of beautiful music and a great sense of camaraderie” Catherine, England


“Graham’s mastery of the rehearsal process and ability to inspire made the experience invaluable” Rose, Australia

 “If you love both singing and travel, don’t miss out on this experience – it’s unforgettable”  Dick, Canada

“I loved singing with new friends under a terrific conductor in a beautiful setting”  James, Canada

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“Chamber singing with expert and friendly instruction in a setting that is nothing short of idyllic”  George, England


“A wonderful opportunity to sing music and enjoy the companionship of others who share the joy of singing”  Llyn, Canada

“The musical and social experience of a lifetime”  Felicity, Australia

“A harmonious week, in every way”  John, France

“Just the right level of music – challenging but achievable”  Alison, England

“I had a fantastic time, again!  Great music, great food, drink and company” Peter, Ireland

“Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU for bringing music, fun and experience to us”  anonymous

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